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Frequently Asked Questions
• Who is Mystic?
• Can I use foreign stamps on items that I want to mail in the U.S.?
• Is there an image of each stamp available on the website?
• How can I purchase an additional Disney binder?
• How do I know what mount to use for my stamp?
• How can I contact Mystic Stamp company?
• I have received an item that is damaged/incorrect. How do I get it replaced?
• Where can I purchase Scott collecting supplies such as binders and supplements?
• Why are Mystic Stamp prices higher than the values listed in the Scott Catalog?
• How do you tell the difference between a die cut and a non die cut perforations?
• How do you soak stamps off of paper?
• What carrier will be delivering my order, and how long will it take to arrive?
• How do I start my collection?
• What are vertical and horizontal "gutter pairs"?
• What makes certain stamps so valuable?
• What are Scott numbers?
• Have all U.S. stamps been printed the same way?
• Why do some stamps with the same design have different Scott Numbers?
• Where can I find the value of my stamps?
• Redeem Profit Shares for Free stamps and supplies.
• Which programs come with mounts?
• Does Mystic offer an album for foreign stamps?
• Does Mystic offer supplement pages for my Back of the Book stamps?
• Can I get a Mystic Stamp catalog if I live in a foreign country such as Canada?
• Does Mystic have an album for collectors that are just beginning?
• Does Mystic Stamp have a store that I can go to and make purchases from?
• What are "Fleetwood", "Mystic", "Silk" and "Classic" First day Covers
• What is the difference between an album and a binder?
• How do I find my customer number and update my information?
• What is micro printing?
• What is the Mystic return policy?