#C23 1938 6c Airmail Eagle

Commemorative Cover
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Twenty years after the first US Airmail Flight, airmail and air travel were still a novelty to most Americans. To help struggling airlines and boost airmail service, Postmaster General James A. Farley created National Airmail Week to run from May 15-21, 1938. The event was heavily advertised with the slogan, "Receive To-morrow's mail To-day!" Farley also encouraged everyone in the US to send a letter during that week. To mark the occasion, a new 6ยข stamp designed by President Roosevelt was issued on May 14. Towns were also invited to create their own special cachets for mailing during the week. Nearly 10,000 cities participated and in all, more than 16.2 million letters and 9,000 packages were mailed during National Airmail Week. Some wear on these 80 year old covers can be expected. No two covers the same! Order your today!

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