#76P3 – 1861 5c brown, Proof on India Paper

- Mint Stamp(s)
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  • 2020 Complete Commemorative Year Set (77 stamps), plus Heritage Supplement and black, split-back mounts 2020 Complete Commemorative Year Set Plus Supplement and Mounts

    Save the most time and money with this complete set!  You'll receive every commemorative stamp issued in 2020 (except for the non-se-tenant small panes) along with the 2020 supplement and mounts – all in one convenient order.  It’s the best way to keep your collection up to date.

    $69.95- $93.95
  • 1980s First Day Covers, Collection of 100 100 First Day Covers Issued During the 1980s
    Some of the stamps I saw in my set of 100 covers honored the 1980 Winter Olympics, paid tribute to the service of American veterans,  and recalled some of the United States’ most well-known first ladies (like Abigail Adams and Eleanor Roosevelt).  There was even a cover issued for the World Stamp Expo of 1989.  Order your set today.
  • U.S. Used Stamp Collection - 157 stamps U.S. Used Collection of 157 stamps

    You'll receive postally used stamps issued from 1890 to 2010 – that's 120 years of history to explore!  This collection includes definitive, commemorative, and Airmail stamps, plus a few other surprises.  You'll have a great time exploring the stamps and adding them to your collection.  Order today.