#729-30 – 1970 San Marino

- Mint Stamp(s)
Never Hinged
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  • 2018 First-Class Forever Stamp - The Art of Magic souvenir sheet of 3 2020 First-Class Forever Stamps - Winter Scenes

    At the 2018 Art of Magic First Day of Issue, the USPS surprised collectors with a souvenir sheet of three unreleased designs.  These stamps featured lenticular printing, making the white rabbit appear to pop in and out of the top hat. Add these popular stamps to your collection now!

    $7.50- $1,250.00
  • 1970s First Day Covers, Collection of 100 100 First Day Covers Issued During the 1970s
    Some of the stamps I saw in my set of 100 covers celebrated the accomplishments of George R. Clark, General Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and more.  I also noticed a stamp commemorating the 1974 World’s Fair.  Order your set today.
  • US Mixture, 1lb on/off paper US One Pound Mixture on and off paper

    Just how many stamps are in a pound?  Contents will vary, but the mix I looked at included over 2,000!  Included on- and off-paper stamps (we'll send you instructions for soaking stamps).  Order your mix today and enjoy hours of collecting fun.