#M6830 – 1994 Micronesia 193a-d Native Costumes

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Micronesia Stamps Frank Mail Carried by the U.S.P.S.!

From 1947 until 1984, Micronesia was part of a United Nations Trust Territory administered by the United States.  However, Micronesia was not fully independent until 1991 – yet it remains in “free association with the U.S.”  Even today the U.S.P.S. carries this nation’s mail. 

Micronesia consists of more than 2,000 islands.  Most of these are little more than low-lying coral islands.  In total, all these islands make up only 270 square miles of land.  In fact, the name “Micronesia” means tiny islands.

The Federated States of Micronesia includes the Marshall Islands except for Palau.  Micronesia stamps are windows to this nation’s culture and history... a history shared with the U.S.