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This Day in History… November 20, 1925

Birth of Bobby Kennedy 

US #1770 features a family photo provided by Bobby’s wife.

Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on November 20, 1925, though the family moved to New York two years later.

Bobby was the seventh of nine children born to Joe Kennedy, Sr., a businessman and leading figure in the democratic party who hoped one of his sons would grow up to be president. While he focused on preparing Bobby’s older brothers for such a feat, he encouraged the younger siblings to study current events so that they too could enter public service.

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This Day in History… November 19, 1863

Lincoln Delivers Famed Gettysburg Address 

US #978 was issued on the 85th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.

On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered his eloquent Gettysburg Address.

In early July 1863, General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate forces plowed northward, aiming to force Union politicians to end the war. Upon reaching Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, they met the Union Army of over 93,000 soldiers against their almost 72,000. A bloody three-day fight ensued, resulting in the largest number of casualties in single battle throughout the entire war (about 23,000 killed, wounded, captured, or missing on both sides).

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This Day in History… November 18, 1902

Start of the Series of 1902-03 

US #308 – The border of this stamp reflects Harrison’s educational initiatives, showing muses reading and sculpting a child.

On November 18, 1902, the US Post Office issued the first stamp in the Series of 1902-03.

In 1902, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s workmanship on the 1901 Pan-American series impressed the Post Office Department.  So they decided to inaugurate a new general issue to replace the then-current Regular Issues, which had been in use with only minor changes for more than ten years. They hoped these new stamps would create the same excitement for regular issues that the Pan-Americans had received.

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This Day in History… November 17, 1820

First Americans Sight Antarctica

US #2386 pictures Palmer, his sloop Hero, and an outline of Antarctica.

On November 17, 1820, Nathaniel Palmer and his crew became the first Americans to see Antarctica.

Born in 1799 in Stonington, Connecticut, Palmer had a life-long love of the sea. As a child, he played in his father’s shipyard and began working on his first ship at just 14 years old.

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This Day in History… November 16, 1908

Washington-Franklin Series 

US #332a – This booklet stamp was the first issue in the long-running Washington-Franklin series.

On November 16, 1908, the first stamp in the Washington-Franklin Series was issued.

When the 1902 series was issued, the Post Office Department received numerous complaints from collectors, as well as the public, concerning the stamps’ poor designs. One particular gentleman, Charles Dalton, even wrote to his senator! He severely criticized the Stuart portrait of Washington currently in use on the 2¢ stamp and suggested the profile, taken from the bust by Jean Antoine Houdon, be put back into use.

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This Day in History… November 15, 1864

US #257 – Prior to the war, Sherman had served in the South and considered it a second home.

Sherman’s March to the Sea

After burning Atlanta, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman embarked on his month-long March to the Sea on November 15, 1864.

Following his capture of Atlanta on September 2, 1864, Major General William T. Sherman turned his sights to Savannah, an important port city for the Confederacy. Traveling away from his supply lines, Sherman’s forces would forage area plantations for provisions. He wanted more from this campaign than to capture Southern land – he hoped to destroy the Confederacy’s ability to continue the war.

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