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Mystic’s 2014 Supplements are Here

Great news – Mystic’s specially-designed 2014 album supplements are here!  And based on feedback from our family of collectors, we made one small – but important – change.  An American Heirloom supplement is now available for perforate stamps (GS763) and another for imperforate U.S. stamps (GS764).

GS763 for 2014 perforate issues

GS763 for 2014
perforate issues

GS764 for 2014 Imperforate Issues

GS764 for 2014
Imperforate Issues

Just click on these links for more information…

2014 American Heirloom Perforate supplement (GS763)
2014 American Heirloom Imperforate supplement (GS764)
2014 US Liberty supplement (GS131G)
2014 Mystic’s US Definitive supplement (GS140CC)
2014 Mystic’s United Nations supplement (GS200DD)
2014 Mystic’s Heritage supplement (GS636)

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Mystic’s Best-selling Album

Mystic’s Hingeless American Heirloom album was an instant hit… one that took more than two decades to create!  But the story of why it was created goes back over 50 years.  Here’s how a beginner was inspired to make the perfect stamp album…

You could say stamp collecting is in Don Sundman’s blood.  His dad was Maynard Sundman, who founded Littleton Stamp Company right after World War II.  Don began collecting as a child, with the encouragement of legends like his dad and H.E. Harris.

But as much as he loved collecting, Don was often frustrated with stamp albums – especially the post style that is so hard to work with.  Years later, as president of Mystic, Don decided he’d had enough.  It was time to design the ideal stamp album for himself and his customers.  Continue reading

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Long-term Stamp Storage

Storing your stamps for a period of time?  Follow these tips to keep them safe…

Whether at home or in a storage unit, stamps and covers should be kept where humidity and temperature are at safe and fairly consistent levels.  High temperatures and humidity can activate the gum on the back of many stamps, which may cause them to stick to each other or to pages in stock books and albums.  Stamps that are kept in cold temperatures may become brittle, which can also be damaging.  Ideally, stamps should be stored at room temperature with a relative humidity of 50%.  (Tip – silica gel, which is available at most hardware and craft stores, is an easy and affordable way to control humidity.) Continue reading

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U.S. Stamp Collecting Starter Kit


Get everything you need to start collecting in one easy step.  It’s convenient and affordable – for just $14.95 you’ll receive our exclusive album plus 100 free stamps, hinges and a guide to stamp collecting.   You save $22 off our regular price, making this a terrific value.

This is also a neat way to introduce stamp collecting to your friends and family – makes a great gift!

Here’s Don discussing our exclusive Historic Postage Stamps of the United States album.

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Our Premium Hingeless American Heirloom Album

DS126 copy

Finally – a hingeless stamp album that’s beautifully designed and affordable!  The experts at Mystic spent years developing the Hingeless American Heirloom.  It has all the great features that made our traditional American Heirloom a best-seller, plus the convenience of pre-affixed stamp mounts.  Learn more in this video starring Mystic President Don Sundman.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.06.51 AM

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Mystic’s Finest Stamp Album

Mystic President Don Sundman is excited about the new Premium American Heirloom album!  In this video, Don shows you why this highest-quality version of our best-selling stamp album is a collector’s dream come true.85

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