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Mystic’s Best-selling Album

Mystic’s Hingeless American Heirloom album was an instant hit… one that took more than two decades to create!  But the story of why it was created goes back over 50 years.  Here’s how a beginner was inspired to make the perfect stamp album…

You could say stamp collecting is in Don Sundman’s blood.  His dad was Maynard Sundman, who founded Littleton Stamp Company right after World War II.  Don began collecting as a child, with the encouragement of legends like his dad and H.E. Harris.

But as much as he loved collecting, Don was often frustrated with stamp albums – especially the post style that is so hard to work with.  Years later, as president of Mystic, Don decided he’d had enough.  It was time to design the ideal stamp album for himself and his customers.  Continue reading

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U.S. Philately eBooks

There are many older stamp books and periodicals available for you to download for free.  We’ve put together a list of resources we’ve found.  It’s fun to read about stamps and related aspects of collecting from people who witnessed the early days of the hobby.  Here are some periodicals that were published in America in the late 19th and early 20th century. Continue reading

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Great Britain Philately eBooks

Here are some editions of The London Philatelist that were published in England in the late 19th and early 20th century.  The London Philatelist was published by the Royal Philatelic Society London.  It covers stamps and postal history from around the world.  It also contains articles for advanced collectors.  Continue reading

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Philatelic eBooks

Each week, new and exciting resources are being added to the web.  This sampling of a few of our favorite eBooks is the beginning of a project to bring them all together for you in one handy place.

Mekeel’s Complete Standard Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the World – Published by C.H. Mekeel Stamp and Publishing Company in 1895.  It lists dates of issue and descriptions for all postage stamps issued by governments around the world.  Also shows the prices each stamp was sold for.  659 pages.;view=1up;seq=7 Continue reading

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eBooks on Specialized Collections

This list features e-books containing information about specialized collections.

The Stamped Envelopes, Wrappers and Sheets of the United States by John Kerr Tiffany (1892)  This book gives a summary of stamped envelopes issued by the Post Office Department and lists of varieties by producer printer.

The U.S. 3c Green 1870-1887 By H. L. Wiley (1915)  This 34-page booklet details the numerous varieties of 3¢ Green stamps issued.  It includes information about printing companies, papers used, grills, shades, perforations, and cancels.

Essays for United States Postage Stamps Edward H. Mason (1911)  This 90-page book lists all the essays produced from 1850 to 1902.  Each one is described with varieties listed below.

The Canada Stamp Sheet: Volumes 1-6 (1900-1905)  This monthly newsletter was written for collectors of British North American postage and revenue stamps.

Cancellations and Killers of the Banknote Era 1870-1894  By James M. Cole.  This book includes lots of illustrations of cancels used during the banknote era.  The cancels are categorized by shape.  It’s fun to look through even if you’re not a cancel collector.

Sterling’s Standard Descriptive and Price Catalogue of the Adhesive Postage and Stamped Envelopes of the United States Only.  This book, published in 1887, describes over 1,000 varieties of “adhesives, envelopes, wrappers, letter sheets, postals, postal and metallic currency, telegraph stamps, issues of the Southern Confederacy, and private local postage stamps” according to the title page.

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Stamp Collecting via the NPM


Produced by the National Postal Museum, this video stars Don Sundman and Bill Gross as they discuss their passion for collecting.

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