June 2016

This Day in History… June 1, 1796

Tennessee Becomes 16th State 

U.S. #941 pictures the state capitol, President Andrew Jackson, and Governor John Sevier.

On June 1, 1796, Tennessee was admitted to the Union.

The first known groups of Indians to live in Tennessee were the Mound Builders, who moved to the region about 1,000 years ago. They used mounds for burial places, as platforms for temples, and for the homes of chiefs. Many of these mounds are gigantic, and they were built without the aid of horses and oxen. Some of the mounds resemble animals when viewed from high above, and some mounds are shaped geometrically. Cherokee and Chickasaw Indians lived in the region when Europeans arrived.

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This Day in History… June 1, 1792

Kentucky Becomes 15th State

U.S. #904 pictures Daniel Boone and others looking across the Kentucky River toward the capital city of Frankfort.

On June 1, 1792, Kentucky was admitted as America’s 15th state.

Indians lived in the forested areas of western Kentucky many thousands of years ago. When Europeans reached the area there were a number of Indian tribes living there, including the Cherokee, Delaware, Iroquois, and Shawnee.

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