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Mystic Stamp Company’s Privacy Policy
Thank you for placing your trust in Mystic Stamp Company! We are committed to the security and privacy of your personal information. Mystic Stamp Company’s privacy policy describes the information we collect, how we use it, and how we secure it. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this privacy policy, contact us at:Mystic Stamp Company
9700 Mill Street
Camden, NY  13316Toll-free phone: 1-866-660-7147 (from anywhere in the U.S.)
Fax: 1-800-385-4919

At Mystic Stamp Company, we know understanding our customers’ needs and expectations for products, services and information is an important part of building an enjoyable, interesting and satisfying long-term relationship. We’ve created this page so you can have easy access to information about our privacy policies and how we use the information we may collect.

•    What Information We Collect
•    How We Use the Information We Collect
•    Sharing Information with Others
•    How We Use E-Mail
•    Links to Other Sites
•    Security
•    Privacy of Children Using Our Website
•    Policy Changes
•    Questions and Comments

What Information We Collect
We request information from you (including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and, when necessary, credit card information and customer number) when you:

•    – Place an order from our catalogs, website or from an advertisement
•    – Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter
•    – Return or exchange an item
•    – Receive a gift order

We maintain this information you provide to us, along with a record of your purchases, in a secure database.

We also collect any e-mail messages that you send to Mystic Stamp Company, including information on your resume, if you send it to us.

How We Use the Information We Collect
The information we collect enables us to:

•    – Process and track your order
•    – Provide the services you request
•    – Contact you about the status of an order
•    – Send you catalogs or promotional offers we believe will be of interest to you
•    – Send you Mystic Stamp Company Newsletters
•    – Personalize our communications to you
•    – Provide information concerning products you have purchased


Sharing Information with Others
We contract with other companies to provide business services, including credit card authorization, shipping and e-mail distribution. We provide these companies with only the information they need to perform their services, and work to ensure that your privacy is respected and protected.


How We Use E-Mail
Mystic Stamp Company sends e-mail to confirm orders you place online. We may use e-mail to contact you with questions regarding your order. We use e-mail to answer your online questions to us or requests for information. We send e-mail newsletters containing promotions of products and services, news, trivia, and information about upcoming events. We do not share your e-mail address with any other business or organization. Occasionally, we may contact you via e-mail to ask for permission to reprint what you have written, as a testimonial, for use on our website or in our printed materials.

Links to Other Sites
On our website, we provide links to other sites that we think you will enjoy. These other sites operate independently of Mystic Stamp Company and have established their own privacy and security policies. We encourage you to review the privacy and security policies of any sites you visit.

Protecting your information is important to us. is a VeriSign Secure Site. This means when you submit credit card and other sensitive information to our site with the assurance that all the information sent to us, if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties. To verify now, please click on the VeriSign Secure Site logo.

We use various technologies and processes for protection of our customer data, and we limit the information we provide to outside companies with whom we contract to what they need to carry out their responsibilities.

When you make a purchase, request a catalog or create an account on our website, you are doing so via our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and 128-bit encryption technology to provide the highest level of security available.

Mystic Stamp Company security features are automatic for shopping, payments, catalog requests – you do not need to take any action. Once you click on the Checkout, your browser checks for a digital certificate to confirm it is communicating with and then allows you to continue with your order.

Mystic Stamp Company uses VeriSign to enable the use of digital certificates. Whenever you see the VeriSign logo, you can click on it to verify that is a secure site (this verification actually occurs automatically in the background every time you place an order on our site).

Privacy of Children Using our Website
Mystic Stamp Company’s website is not intended for use by children under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 18.

Policy Changes
Our privacy policy will be updated periodically and these changes may affect the way we use your personal information. We suggest that you periodically review our privacy policy.

Questions or Comments?
If you have other questions or suggestions, please contact at the address, phone, fax or e-mail provided above in this policy.

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Mystic’s Return Policy

Mystic works hard to make sure you get the quality stamps and supplies you deserve.  In the unlikely event that you need to return an item or have it replaced, this is our hassle-free policy:

90 Day Return Policy

You must be completely satisfied with any stamp or collecting supply you order from Mystic.  If not, simply return it to us within 90 days in its original packaging.  We will gladly replace, issue a credit voucher or refund, whichever you prefer.

You can also contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives.  Just email or call toll-free at 1-866-660-7147.

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Does Mystic Have a Store?

Sometimes people ask if Mystic has a store where they can buy stamps.  While we don’t have a retail store, customers can stop by our facility to make a purchase.  If you happen to be in Camden, New York, visit us at 9700 Mill Street.  One of our friendly Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you.  We’re open for walk-in customers Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 4:30 PM.

There are many other ways to get the stamps and supplies you need help your collection grow.  If you’re reading this, you’ve already found our website.  We’ve included big stamp images, neat stories, lots of technical information, plenty of supplies and much more.  Click here to get to our home page.

Our stamp catalog is also a handy resource to keep around.  It has color illustrations of all U.S. stamps so you can identify what’s in your collection.  And there are also fun and interesting facts about some of the stamps.  Request your free catalog when you place your next order or click here.

Mystic also publishes our Stamp Showcase and Stamp Highlights several times a year.  Just call your Customer Service Representative toll-free at 1-800-433-7811 to request the most recent edition.

As you can see, Mystic has lots of convenient ways to help you make your collection grow fast!.

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Top Prices Paid for Rare Jenny Invert Stamps

Mystic is Paying Top Prices for the
Rare 2013 Jenny Invert Stamps


Are you one of the lucky few to find a right-side-up Jenny Invert sheet? Mystic will pay more for your stamps. Call 1-800-835-3609 or email to get an instant offer for your stamps.

The Postal Service created 100 additional sheets of the Inverted Jenny Commemorative with the plane flying the right way. In other words, it’s an “inverted invert.” In essence, this is a “misprint of a misprint” or an “intentional error.” No matter what you call it, these stamps have created a fun story for collectors. And for a lucky few, they will be a valuable discovery.

The lucky folks who find one of the rare modern Jenny invert stamps will also discover a note of congratulations and a phone # to call to receive a certificate signed by Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe.

Mystic Stamp Company is America’s leading stamp buyer and has a long, well-reported history of paying more for stamps. In fact, Mystic owned the only plate-number block of the original Jenny Inverted error stamps. Mystic displayed this national treasure at stamp shows before selling it for a record amount in 2014.

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Long-term Stamp Storage

Storing your stamps for a period of time?  Follow these tips to keep them safe…

Whether at home or in a storage unit, stamps and covers should be kept where humidity and temperature are at safe and fairly consistent levels.  High temperatures and humidity can activate the gum on the back of many stamps, which may cause them to stick to each other or to pages in stock books and albums.  Stamps that are kept in cold temperatures may become brittle, which can also be damaging.  Ideally, stamps should be stored at room temperature with a relative humidity of 50%.  (Tip – silica gel, which is available at most hardware and craft stores, is an easy and affordable way to control humidity.) Continue reading

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I Am Only a Postage Stamp

Most people take postage stamps for granted.  They think they’re useful for getting letters and bills where they need to go.  As collectors, we know those little pieces of paper mean so much more.  They reflect the history of issuing country and allow us to travel back in time to experience life more than a century ago.  The following poem by Ernest W. Brady sums up how a lot of us feel about the humble little postage stamp.

BLACK1xI Am Only a Postage Stamp

“I am the world’s greatest traveler. I have been transported by camel, dog sled, pony express, bicycle, train, steamship, automobile, airplane, airship and rocket. On my face are the portraits of kings, presidents, queens, princes, princesses, shahs, sultans, tribal chiefs, adventurers, explorers, patriots, martyrs, inventors, pioneers, artists, musicians, architects, poets, aviators, dramatists, novelists, painters, athletes, cardinals, saints and sinners.

“I picture maps of the world and parts of the world.  I reveal views of strange foreign beaches, rivers, lakes, sounds, waterfalls, geysers, mountains, monuments, castles, temples and ruins of temples, missions, bridges, harbors, docks, locks, waterfronts, locomotives, balloons, rockets, zeppelins, windjammers, and trans-Atlantic liners, native canoes and modern giant seaplanes.  I depict all manner of sports, industries, handicrafts, customs, sacred rites, ceremonies and parades, also nearly every variety of bird, animal, fish, flower, fruit and vegetable.  I delineate the vanished forms of the phoenix, the griffin, the dragon, the centaur and unicorn.

“The heroes and heroines of mythology pose within my borders and I frame the horrors of war, the blessings of peace, the plight of indigence, the blight of famine, the hardships of emigration and the beauty of male and female nudity.  I illustrate the adventures of Don Quixote, the fairytales of childhood, the legends, the symbols of art, commerce, peace, agriculture, industry and the coats of arms and flags of all nations.

“I commemorate the wars, expeditions, inventions, voyages and discoveries, creations and constructions that make social life safe, livable and happy.  I am the world’s greatest picture chronicle.  Millions collect me.  Thousands have escaped boredom through my variety, hundreds have been saved from insanity through my fascination, yet – I am only a postage stamp.”


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