CBS Sunday Morning Airs Stamp Collecting Segment

Exciting news – for the first time in its 36-year history, CBS Sunday Morning will air a segment on stamp collecting! The show is scheduled to run on Sunday, January 18th, at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. As a collector, you may want to watch.

Correspondent Rita Braver interviewed several leading members of our hobby, including Ken Martin of the APS, organizers of World Stamp Show-NY 2016, Bill Gross and outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. In addition to visiting the National Postal Museum’s William H. Gross Gallery, Braver and her film crew also attended a Collector’s Club Youth Stamp Club meeting. According to reports, vintage background footage showing stamps will be part of the segment, too.

It will be fun to see collecting in the news. All of us feel a personal connection to the story. As you recall, Mystic owned the 1¢ Z Grill and traded it with Bill Gross for the Jenny Invert Plate Number Block.

Don Sundman (left) exchanging the 1¢ Z Grill for the Jenny Invert Plate Number Block.  Bill Gross was represented by Charles Shreve (right).

Don Sundman (left) exchanging the 1¢ Z Grill for the Jenny Invert Plate Number Block. Bill Gross was represented by Charles Shreve (right).


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Philatelic Glossary

ADHESIVE: A postage stamp intended for affixing on letters and other mail.

AEROPHILATELY: The collecting, preservation, and study of airmail stamps. Catalog Designation: “C”

AIRMAILS: Stamps issued specifically for use on airmail letters.

AMERICAN BANK NOTE COMPANY: Printed U.S. stamps from 1879 until 1894 as well as the Overrun Countries and other issues. Continue reading

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1869 Pictorial Issues

The 1869 Pictorials were historic.  They were the first U.S. stamps to feature something other than the bust or head of a famous American leader.  They were also the first bi-color stamps.

As precursors of today’s commemorative stamps, the Pictorials were revolutionary for their time.  Never before had stamps featured paintings, horses and locomotives.  Never before had stamps attempted such artistic creativity… yet Americans rejected them as frivolous and inappropriate!  Today, the Pictorials are among the most desirable of all U.S. issues. Continue reading

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Series of 1902-03

This series is an extreme example of officials deliberately using postage stamps as learning tools. Included within the ornate frames of each stamp are symbols relating to the honored American’s legacy, along with biographical information about him or her. These design details were added to help new immigrants learn American history easily – an important lesson carried throughout the mail system, costing only pennies apiece.

The ornate new designs, however, were not the only addition to the 1902 series. The 13-cent denomination was added, and two new faces were introduced – Benjamin Harrison and Admiral David Farragut. For the first time in postal history, an American woman was honored.

A slight change was also made in the format. Each stamp in this series bears the inscription, “Series 1902.” This caused some concern abroad, as many European philatelists wondered whether the U.S. was planning on issuing new stamps each year.  Many of the stamps, however, did not even reach post offices until 1903, and the next general issues were not produced until 1908.  Imperforate 1¢, 2¢ and 5¢ stamps were also issued. Continue reading

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Celebrate the Century

On February 3rd, 1998, the Postal Service released the first sheets of Celebrate the Century stamps. Prompted by the upcoming Millennium celebration, this  series recognizes those people, places, and events that shaped the twentieth century.  Each sheet contains 15 stamps – click on the enlarged stamps to discover more about each subject.

US #3182 Celebrate the Century – 1900s

US #3182
Celebrate the Century – 1900s

Continue reading

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World War II 50th Anniversary

World War II was the most significant event of the 20th century.  The U.S. Postal Service began planning for the war’s 50th anniversary in 1985.  It wanted to honor the key events of the war effort as well as the various aspects of national endeavor that contributed to Allied victory.  But how to do that without producing a thousand stamps?

The answer was a series of sheetlets, one for each year of the war, that consisted of a large center map framed by five stamps on the top and five on the bottom.  Five years of commemorating World War II would yield five sheets, for a total of 50 stamps – enough for an honorable tribute and enough to accomplish Postal Service goals.

The world maps are masterpieces of thumbnail summaries.  They call attention to the major military and political developments of the year and include events not featured on the individual stamps.  Color coded for easy identification of friend and foe, they’re a year in summary at a glance. Click on any enlarged stamp (pictured beneath each sheet) to learn more about the stamp subject. Continue reading

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