Scott Will Now Assign Numbers to Modern Imperforates

On January 28, 2015, Linn’s reported Scott Catalogue will now assign minor numbers to modern imperforate U.S. stamps.

Mystic applauds the decision. “These stamps are being actively collected, bought, and sold even without Scott numbers. Assigning numbers will make it easier for collectors and dealers,” said Mystic President Don Sundman.

Imperforate US #4694-97 – the First Modern Imperfs

Imperforate US #4694-97 – the First Modern Imperfs

As a U.S. stamp collector, Scott’s decision is something of a game changer. These modern rarities are getting the recognition they deserve – so you probably want to include them in your album.

Good news – it’s not too late. Since the U.S.P.S. released the first imperforate press sheets in 2012, Mystic has bought a supply of these scarce stamps for our family of collectors. We also produced album pages that illustrate them. Continue reading

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Take a Virtual Tour of Mystic’s New Website

Discover Mystic’s new and improved site – it’s packed with powerful new features – in this video.

• Over 120,000 stamps and supplies listed – most are only available through the website
• Improved search that’s much more intuitive than our earlier version
• Easy access to supplies
• Improved information and help
• Faster and easier to use
• Now you can search by topics
• Optimized for your mobile devices
• Includes this new Discovery Center – an information-packed blog you’ll turn to again and again

We’re excited – the new Mystic website gives us the ability to offer you more and serve you better.

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What is microprinting?

Maybe you’ve heard the word Microprinting but you’re not sure what it is. Microprinting is tiny type added to a stamp’s design. The type is so small, it can’t be read without a magnifying glass or microscope. The printing is usually made up of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Microprinting is a security measure to prevent counterfeiting. The use of counterfeited stamps means lost revenue for the U.S. Postal Service. Producing and selling fake stamps is a federal crime.

When forgers try to reproduce a microprinted stamp using a scanner or photocopier, the text may appear as a solid line or blur. It’s too small to make a clear copy.

You’ll need a magnifying glass with at least 4x magnification to see the microprinting on your stamps. (See our 3” acrylic dome magnifier here. Or for portable convenience and greater magnification, get our 10X folding magnifier with built in LED light offered here.)

The first stamp to be microprinted was U.S. #2655, the 1992 Stream Violet stamp. If you look closely at the 29¢ denomination, you’ll see shading made by microscopic dots.

US #2655

Continue reading

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Watch CBS’ Stamp Collecting Show

Outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahue and Rita Braver

Outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahue and Rita Braver in the National Postal Museum’s William H. Gross Gallery

Did you miss the recent stamp collecting segment on the CBS Sunday Morning show? Good news – just click on this link and see why so many collectors were thrilled to see our hobby in the limelight!

CBS did a nice job. There were a few subtle Mystic connections in the show. You’ll need to pause the video at specific times to see these tidbits.

Part of the story was filmed at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum Gross Gallery. At 4 minutes 22 seconds, if you look really close on the far-right you’ll see Mystic’s name on a sponsorship plaque at the Gross Gallery. Mystic sponsored the Miller Collection display at the Gross Gallery. Continue reading

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Mystic’s 2014 Supplements are Here

Great news – Mystic’s specially-designed 2014 album supplements are here!  And based on feedback from our family of collectors, we made one small – but important – change.  An American Heirloom supplement is now available for perforate stamps (GS763) and another for imperforate U.S. stamps (GS764).

GS763 for 2014 perforate issues

GS763 for 2014
perforate issues

GS764 for 2014 Imperforate Issues

GS764 for 2014
Imperforate Issues

Just click on these links for more information…

2014 American Heirloom Perforate supplement (GS763)
2014 American Heirloom Imperforate supplement (GS764)
2014 US Liberty supplement (GS131G)
2014 Mystic’s US Definitive supplement (GS140CC)
2014 Mystic’s United Nations supplement (GS200DD)
2014 Mystic’s Heritage supplement (GS636)

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Explore stamp-related videos

Did you know there are hundreds of stamp collecting videos online, including the National Postal Museum’s Maynard Sundman Lectures?  They’re entertaining – and a great way to discover more about the World’s Greatest Hobby!

This Linn’s article has the details on these and many more, along with tips on how to search for additional videos.  

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