#M8104 – 3-Volume American Heirloom Album and 200 Used US Stamps

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America's Best Stamp Album!
Order the American Heirloom Stamp Album today and we’ll send you 200 postally used U.S. stamps and 1,000 stamp hinges for FREE!  You get an instant stamp collection and the album to display it in for under $40.
Why the American Heirloom
 is the Best U.S. Stamp Album
Virtually complete – includes U.S. Regular Issues, Commemoratives and Airmail stamps issued from 1847 to the present.
3 Big Volumes – so you have plenty of room for your stamp collection to grow. (Each volume measures 11” x 11.5” and is 2.25 inches thick.)
Ideal design – the American Heirloom’s three-ring stay-flat design allows the album pages to lie completely flat.  It’s easy to mount and view your stamps and add yearly album supplements when the pages lie flat.  (If you’ve ever had to use a two-post stamp album you know they’re a pain!)
Over 1,360 pages of high quality, 70-pound crème finch paper. And every page is numbered, which is helpful with an album of this size!
Scott Catalogue numbers – Heirloom has the Scott numbers we’re all familiar with.  Scott numbers are used in the Mystic U.S. Stamp Catalog so identifying your stamps is a snap.  Using your album to organize your collection is easier than ever.
Higher-quality illustrations – new technology makes stamp illustrations sharper and more defined.  You’ll enjoy seeing more detail on over 5,000 U.S. postage stamps that are illustrated.  That’s virtually every U.S. postage stamp ever issued. Even rare and unusual U.S. postage stamps are illustrated – including the rarest U.S. stamp – the 1868 1¢ Z Grill.  Seeing these stamps illustrated is a real treat.  (The 1¢ Z Grill is even shown in full color!)
Full of information – the Heirloom contains all kinds of neat stamp facts.  You’ll love knowing the stories behind the stamps.  The Heirloom is an indispensable stamp resource.
If you’re looking for a U.S. postage stamp album, the 3-Volume American Heirloom Album is just what you need.  So send for yours now and get 200 postally used U.S. stamps and 1,000 stamp hinges for FREE.  As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.