Over 500 US Stamps

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Want to go on a collecting adventure? Mystic’s Giant U.S. Grab Bag is the perfect way!

You’ll Enjoy Everything Below:
• Over 500 mint and used US postage stamps – explore the rich history and culture of our nation through these tiny pieces of paper... For less than 2¢ per stamp!
• Contents will vary from those shown, which adds to your collecting fun – you’ll love going through your grab bag and discovering what’s inside.
• FREE shipping and Guaranteed Delivery – enjoy the convenience of having your grab bag delivered right to your doorstep at no extra cost.
• Your satisfaction is guaranteed – order with confidence.

Every stamp has a story to tell. And these 500 U.S. postage stamps tell so much about America – the people, patriots and places that have made our country the greatest. 
If you’d like to own this special grab bag for just $9.95, order today! We’ll even pay for the shipping!
Limit one collection at this special low price of just $9.95. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order today and you’ll also receive special collector’s information and other interesting stamps on approval.

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