New to Stamp Collecting?

Mystic's album kits are the easiest way to get started.

Choose the kit that's best for you:

U.S. Stamp Starter Kit

This is a great album to start with because it pictures U.S stamps that are easy to find and buy. Pages illustrated on one side only, high quality paper, every stamp identified with Scott numbers. Includes history of each stamp. Affordable - same design as Mystic's American Heirloom album.

  • Includes 100 used U.S. stamps
  • Quality 3-ring "lay-flat" binder.
  • Fully illustrated album pages with spaces for 1,475 stamps
  • 1,000 hinges for attaching stamps to album
  • Includes Mystic's Guide to Stamp Collecting
3-Volume American Heirloom Album

America's best-selling album. Pictures most every U.S. postage stamp issued 1847-2016, over 5,000 stamps with Scott numbers. Pages filled with stamp history. This album is a great value!

  • Includes 200 used U.S. stamps
  • Three sturdy "lay-flat" 3-ring binders
  • Over 1,360 fully illustrated pages of high-quality 70-lb creme finch paper
  • Holds virtually every U.S. commemorative, definitive, and airmail stamp from 1947-present
  • 1,000 hinges for attaching stamps to album
Premium Hingeless American Heirloom Album1935-1966

Similar to standard American Heirloom album but includes mounts that are already attached to pages, saving you time and effort. Sturdier pages than American Heirloom. Includes Scott numbers and stamp history. This volume is for stamps issued 1935-1966, over 600 stamps. Higher quality album than Heirloom.

  • Includes 100 Mint U.S. stamps
  • Elegant forest green binder with hand-debossed gold lettering. Looks and feels like real leather.
  • Extra-heavy album pages with pre-affixed hingeless mounts
  • Holds every U.S. commemorative, definitive, and airmail stamp from 1935-1966