#LS120 – 1,000 Prefolded Stamp Hinges

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 1,000 Pre-Folded Stamp Hinges

Mystic’s Pre-folded Stamp Hinges are made of top-quality glassine paper. Manufactured by Prinz, they’re transparent and specially treated to prevent curling. Pre-folded hinges have a pure gum backing. Comes in quantity of 1,000 hinges.
Hinges are really important to us as collectors. For over 100 years, they’ve been an inexpensive and convenient way to mount stamps. Prinz, a German company known for quality products, is currently the only hinge manufacturer in the world. (Hinges may be repackaged and sold under a different name, but every hinge on the market today is made by Prinz.)
The #1 rule to using hinges is to apply very light moisture.  Here’s a trick we use at Mystic – we keep a clean damp sponge on hand to lightly moisten our hinges. You’ll have good luck with a sponge, too – squeezing most of the water out of it first makes it almost impossible to apply too much moisture to your hinges.