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"I read the news today, oh boy..." - John Lennon

Posted by Don Sundman on 20th May 2024

At times, the world seems crazy—like today. I just read the news and felt my stress go up and my happiness go down. So, I took a mental vacation with my stamps. Just seeing them puts me in a differ … read more

Texas's Secret Marihuana Tax Stamps

Posted by The Stamp Sleuth on 15th May 2024

Did you know Texas used to have a "marihuana" tax, even though the substance is illegal in the state?  The tax was only in place from 1989-2016, and made tax evasion another offense marijuana buy … read more

This Statue is on an 1883 Hawaii Stamp

Posted by Don Sundman on 22nd Apr 2024

This statue of Kamehameha I is on the Big Island in North Kohala, where the king was from. I’m in Hawaii standing with the Kamehameha I statue and, or course, it has a great story. This statue … read more