US Airmail Stamps, Mounts, Album

Price: $10.00 with FREE Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery
Quantity: Limit 1 per order.
Here’s What You Get:  
  • 14 unused US Airmail stamps
  • FREE Deluxe Album with timeline and history of airmail
  • FREE archival-quality mounts
  • FREE Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery!
  • More great US Airmail stamps on approval 
This is one of the finest offers we’ve ever put together.  You get 14 unused Airmail stamps with one or two small money-saving imperfections at a low price.  Plus a FREE illustrated album to display your stamps and FREE archival-quality mounts to keep them looking great for years to come.  It’s the best way to protect and organize your collection.  The album pages are custom-designed with information about the United States’ airmail service and the stamps issued during its heyday.
Each stamp you receive is pictured in the album, so you’ll know just where to mount it.  The binder lies flat to make adding stamps to the pages easy.  Plus, when you order today, you’ll become a member of Mystic’s Heritage Collection of US Airmail Stamps.  In this exclusive club, you’ll get even more great US Airmail stamps that will fit nicely inside your new album.  Simply review each shipment in your home for up to 21 days and decide whether to keep the stamps or send them back.  It’s the risk- and obligation-free way to fill pages of your new album quickly and conveniently. 
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